How to Sell

 The Process: 

Bring in your items any time we are open. If you have more than 30, please call ahead and give us a heads up. We prefer items not be in trash bags. Shopping totes, hanging, folded in a pile, or in a bin or box is fine, just no trash bags.  

When you come in, we will get your information and if there are others there your items will be looked at in the order of seller arrival. We will need your driver’s license to buy from you. While we look at your items feel free to shop. We ask that you not hover as it makes it hard for our buyers to look at the items and pay attention to pricing and can result in mistakes.  Our buyers will go through your items, price, and find you to give you your numbers.  

When we buy outright, your will receive between 25%-30% in cash or 50%-60% in “Resale Trade”. This trade is good on all of our store-owned resale items.  

High End Items 

We also offer a consignment option on high-end items. Consigning will get you at least 50% in Cash on those items. We offer this option so we can try for a higher price point on these items and get you more for them. We know you have invested in these pieces and like to try to do the best we can for you on a return.  We do not buy counterfeits and would like any receipts, boxes, bags, card and info you have available on designer items. We will need to research your items and be sure they are authentic, but our commitment to authenticity is important and has earned the trust of our shoppers. For more info, or a pricing estimate, text Cat 602-690-8070. 



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